Effect CineStyle

depuis que j'ai passé à Ubuntu 11.10

Kdenlive 9

je ne peut plus ajouter l'effet " CineStyle ", pourriez-vous me dire comment faire,

encore merci pour tout le travail accompli par les developpeurs


Good morning
since I passed to Ubuntu 11.10

Kdenlive 9

I cannot add effect ' CineStyle ' any more, you could tell me how make,

still thank you for all job fulfilled by developpeurs

Is the Cinestyle.xml in /home/whatever/.kde/share/apps/kdenlive/effects?

Works ok here on 0.9

Here's a link to the xml file if you need it:


Hi Yellow

Thank's a lot, I try it

Hi Yellow,

J'ai du faire au moins 50 essais, et j'ai pour finir installé Ubuntu 12.04 et la version

Kdenlive-SVN de Sunab " deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/sunab/kdenlive-svn/ubuntu precise main "

et tout fonctionne bien,

mais pour exporter en format " *.avi ", ça ne marche pas,

il ne trouve pas, " pcm-s16le "

y a t'il une solution ???

Hi Yellow,

I have of make at least 50 tries, and I have to finish installed Ubuntu 12.04 and version

Kdenlive-SVN of Sunab ' deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/sunab/kdenlive-svn/ubuntu precise main '

and everything works well,

but to export in format ' *.avi ', that doesn't work,

it does not find, ' Pcm-s16le '

is you there a resolution???

By the way, I can get Kdenlive 0.9 to crash every time I try to apply my Cinestyle effect (installed from 0.8.2). Worked flawlessly in 0.8.2. I haven't had the opportunity to pin point the problem yet. Could be something simple. In the meantime I'm just applying a curve manually.