effect "scratchlines" resets when session closed?

Hi, can anyone replicate this?

use effect called "scratchlines" - make some heavy duty looking noise, very funky, say like 87, 100, 100, 100 on the numbers. Save file, close, and reopen - are the parameters back to normal?



Confirming this problem. (kdenlive script compile 20120713, suse 11.3)

ok, anyone else? I also find that effect does not always carry through to render. Do you duplicate this too?

Looking at it a liitle more, only the first parameter is reset from 87 to 2, the other three remain at 100.

Rendering the saved project renders with 2 (narrow lines), even if I readjust the first parameter to 87 and render again, it gets rendered with narrow lines also.

The bug is definitely there.

i'll take a look at this and fix this then

>i made a bug report :)

Thumbs up!! :D