Effects & Transitions, accessibility.

Generally I feel that the effects and transitions are a bit complicated to use. Options are hidden away in submenus etc.

I'll use one of the effects I'm using the most as an example; the Pan & Zoom effect.

Looking at the window it's very empty, all options are hidden away in a submenu.

To custom zoom, one of the basic features of this effect, it takes 5 steps;
* Option menu
* Resize...
* Custom
* write value.
* Click OK.

If the amount wasn't right you have to go through 5 steps again to change the zoom value.

Why not move the basics out from the submenu into the main effect interface?
Have a look at my quick mockup:

here you have 0 or 1 click to change zoom level, depending on if you want an OK-button or live updated values.

This was just one effect. If you look at them all there's thousands of hours wasted on just clicking menus and bringing up options.

I will take a look on this one.

I updated the "geometryval" (used not only by Pan & Zoom) in svn rev. 4426:
The config menu was replaced by a combo button + menu. The button will show/hide the options and in the menu we have "reset" and "sync timeline cursor".

Here's a screenshot of it in the composite transition with the options opened:

Regarding other effects:
Here's a screenshot of the new curve widget for color correction with the curves effect:

Cool, thank you!
I'm very happy, this made my monday!