Empty track breaks transparency of a text clip

How to reproduce:
Have a 2 video track above each other, transparent text clip and video clip
Everything is OK now
Insert an empty video track between text and video clip.
Transparency of text clip is lost! It's got a black background now.
Changing visibility of an empty track has no effect on it. You have to delete the middle empty track to get thing back to normal.
This is a serious bug.

Full kdenlive rebuild (kdenlive_builder script) from SVN sources updated 16.6.2007 (most recent ffmpeg+mlt+kdenlive at that time)


This has always been like this. By default, all transitions only affect the track below. Image transparency is in fact a transition. For user created transitions, you have a way to manually set the affected track in the "Transition" widget with the "Perform Transition With" option. For image transparency it is not implemented, I recognize it's annoying but you can easily work around it by moving your image clip on the correct track...

Maybe we can find a better solution, but this will not change for the 0.5 release.

OK. I supposed that the track are combined (composited?) frame by frame, and each frame like in Gimp or Photoshop, from the top layer (track) down to
first nontransparent layer (track) or bottom. This seem to be more intuitive, more "real world". Do you need

I don't expect any such significant changes to appear in 0.5 indeed.
Let's get rid of bugs first :) my favourite now is the buggy clip monitor.

BTW, right now, if you have N transparent tracks, transparent text or transparent PNGs, no empty track, no gaps, and a video clip on th every bottom, will I see trough all N transparent layers down to my movie when rendered. And lets suppose N > 1.