End titles


I'm using Kdelive from about two weeks. Now I learned the basics to build funny videos. Now I have troubles with adding end titles (like this: http://trace.eas.asu.edu/hd/sony/sonyscenes/sonyscene29.jpg) at the end of the movie.

I did this:

- Added a Text clip to the project structure with the titles to be shown at the end of the movie: there are many rows, these exceed the height of the clip.
- Added a black colour clip.
- Added the text clip to the timeline (Track video 0)
- Added the black colour clip to the timeline (Track video 1)
- Both the clips, in the timeline have the same length.
- Added a "push" transition (Start at bottom, End at top) from the track0 to the track 1.

The problem is that are shown only the text lines that are visible in the editing window. All the remaining text that exceeds is roughly cut.

How can I solve that problem?

Thanks in advance.

If I understand correctly, you want to have a long list of names that moves from bottom to top...
Currently, the only way to do this in Kdenlive is to create a png image in Gimp that has the width of a video frame (720 px if you are working on PAL or NTSC format) and that has the height needed to contain all your titles. Add all your titles in the image.

Then, add the image to Kdenlive, add a "PIP" transition and adjust size, start position and end position so that the image starts at the bottom of the screen and ends above it.

Hope the explanation is understandable...


It was perfect!