error occurred while parsing element

Hey Guys,
I have a major problem with Kdenlive. I started a huge project about 1 month ago. It is made out of AVI, MPEG-3, MPEG-4, JPEG and PNG files.
Yesterday i rendered a short part of the Project in AVI DV NTSC. After I closed Kdenlive I tried to open the project again. Then it said "error occurred while parsing element" . I dont know what it means and I dont know how to clean this problem. I am pretty new to Kdenlive. I hope you guys can help.
Maybe it is important to know that I can't open the ".Kdenlive" file with Gedit.
I hope you guys can help me :'(


Which Kdenlive version?
What happens when you try to edit the file with Gedit? Is the project file empty? (check the .kdenlive file size). If there is something in the project file, you can mail it to me so that I can have a look ( jb at kdenlive org).

Anyways, when working on a big project, it is always better to sometimes make backup...


It is not empty. I think it has the old size: 137kb. Version .
If I try to open it with Gedit it says:
"The encoding could not be determined.Please make sure you do not try to open a binary file.Select a character coding from the menu and try again."
I will mail you the file.


when I try to open KDenlive ALWAYS a window pops up "error occurred while parcing element. I then click ok and KDenlive opens.
But so far I can only capture one try out of 30 attempts.
Who has experiences with KDenlive? Whats wrong? What is a "parcing element"?
Wrong installation?
In my file system there are quite a few files locked. I do not know what kdenlive version I have.
I installed kdenlive about three weeks ago, could sometimes manage to capture firewire DV material from Camcorder and am trying to work on the timeline since I need to learn the program KDenlive with various features to export my project and burn it on a DVD.