do with a friend an experimental clip. Our goal was just to do a project for the first with slow and fast-difference.
Not a big one or something special, just an experiment.
We plan to do more projects, but with more creativity (with actors and story). Just need some more people. ;o)
Totally editied with kdenlive.

Für die deutschen Mitleser: Wenn jemand nahe Frankfurt/Main lebt und mitmachen möchte, etwas aufzubauen, schreib mich an. :o)

You created a nice atmosphere by making video and audio match so well.
Was the switch from looking down on things (beginning) to looking up (planes + moon at the end) intentional?

Nice photography !

It's a nice clip that shows us the large possibility of kdenlive ;)

beautiful place!


thanks for the comments, and just seen the older comment.

ttill: Just if you look in this topic: No, it just was coincidence.