Export to original format?

Hello, hello - simple question. I'm sorry if there's an answer already on the forums, but I've searched and haven't been able to figure this out.

Kdenlive works _great_ for me, but I'd like to export my audio/video without re-encoding them. I haven't applied any filters or transitions, just cuts.

I'm editing a single .ogg video file and a single .wav file.

Is there a way that I can export to the original formats? If not, is there another tool you recommend for simple cuts, without re-encoding. I'd like to keep the original quality and resolution (800x600).


by the way, here's my use case incase anyone has recommendations. i'd like to:

* record screencasts (i use some different video formats, but let's use .ogg for video, .wav audio, as an example)
* use kdenlive for cutting
* export back out to the original format

so i end up with a video file and an audio file, cut how i want them.

then, i have a number of scripts to convert the audio/video into the formats that i want them in, for example, i might convert my ogg/wav into an flv and/or mp4 (x264+aac) for streaming online, and an xvid avi for downloading.

the primary thing is, i don't want to lose quality during the kdenlive editing phase. i'd, preferably, like to just use it as a visual aid for cutting. if i have to save out to a playlist and parse the playlist for framenumbers and run some other app for making the cuts, i'm fine with that, if someone knows of a good method of cutting/concatenating video files on the command line (i use sox for cutting audio)


for anyone who stumbled upon this post, i still don't know howto save my cut video using kdenlive, without re-encoding ... so here's what i'm doing for the time being.


open up kdenlive, import my audio/video files, make my cuts ... save out to westley playlist ... parse the xml (or just look at it) to see where to cut the audio/video files ... and do it using mencoder for slicing and dicing the video, sox for the audio.

in my case, my video is 25 FPS ... i convert the frame numbers in the westley playlist to second by dividing by 25, and all's good :)

i get to use a visual aid to do the cutting, and then script the actual cuts. hopefully, someone will reply with how it's insanely easy to do what i want to do, using kdenlive, i just needed to select an option i missed ... until then, i'm parsing xml :P

you may want to try avidemux.