Fade from blue?

I want to "fade in from blue" and not black.

First I'll create a title clip with the video's name/title on it and then I went the title clip to fade in....from blue (not black).

How do I do it?

Add a wipe, reverse tick box if necessary and a blue color clip on a second video track if necessary.

I can't add "wipe" to a title clip.

'No idea what you're telling me to do without pretty clear instructions....I'm rather new to Kdenlive.


Like yellow says. But make your title clip have a blue background too. Then when you wipe along the title to the blue colour clip it fades from blue.

Picture attatched

I got the title clip to fade in with a blue background but I can't get it to fade out- the title clip just abruptly ends and the video then begins.

I have no idea what Yellow is referring to concerning "reverse tick".

I'm really new to this stuff and only have a few requirements for video editing.

Thanks for the help.

Make the existing wipe transition not go accross the whole title. Add a second wipe transition at the other end of the clip and check the "reverse" check box if it fading in the wrong direction.

See http://userbase.kde.org/Kdenlive/Manual/Transitions for instructions on transitions.