Fade Out Video Effect

Hi together,

is that already a known bug?
I have a clip in the timeline with the Fade Out video effect.
When I adjust/trim the length of the clip direct in the timeline, then the Fade Out effect duration is now the whole clip length.
The Fade Out audio effect is not affected, but before the trim the duration is displayed 03:00 and after the trim the duration is 02:24. One frame different. (25 fps timeline)


It looks like there are some problems with updating the fades.
I will try to have a look at it soon.

I have noticed some problems with title clips having an fade out effect. It just simply doesn't work. It doesn't fade out. As a workaround, I always use Dissolve to black clip (I usually use it as an "pause") and that fades out the titles at the end of the movie. Hmmm...

I can fade titles in the current HEAD versions of mlt/kdenlive. I do not recall if that was specifically fixed, but it should work in the new release due soon.