Feature request - Copy / Paste subtitles or a working subtitle template


I have been trying to create some decent-looking translation subtitles for a short (2 minutes) video. The main problem is that I have to create every single subtitle from the scratch. I even cannot copy / paste already created title slide. Even when I place the same title slide in several places I cannot edit them because - naturally - all of them change at once.
I originally thought that title template was there for such occasion but it did not work as I had expected.
So the simplest solution would be to just copy / paste subtitle slides (and create filenames for them automatically).

Thanks everyone

There are currently two entries in Kdenlive Mantis for proper subtitling features.



With one person even going so far to come up with mock ups.


Can we get some more support on these entries so that this feature appears in a version of Kdenlive sooner rather than later. Manually creating, and positioning titles for an entire video creates a lot of extra work.