Fedora11 Install Problems


I had kdenlive installed OK but only after I had installed some libraries (cant remember which).

I then had problems with updating fc11 and re-installed the correct library versions!

I then reinstalled again (using yum) and found that as a user it would not run as it could not find an MLT module.

I have just re-installed it (yum) and now it runs OK (on a previous kdenlive clip I was editing).

Unfortunately I can now only run it as root - not a good option.

Could someone please tell me what I have done wrong and the easiest way of getting it to run as user?

(It just reports a "fatal error" when I try as a user)

Thanks for your time

You MUST erase ~/.kde/share/config/kdenliverc file because of wrong MLT binary name in it!

As user do:

rm ~/.kde/share/config/kdenliverc

and start Kdenlive again.

Thanks Grof,

Did as you suggested and all now works fine.

FWIW my main problem was finding where the config files were!
I also assumed they would auto majically get overwritten.

I will now get on with editing a video taken on holiday and sending it to Austria.

I never could get the hang of other editors but kdenlive seems the most user friendly for my requirements.

Thanks again

Peter H