File types/properties for still picture clips

Once again didn't know where to put it, so here it is in this forum. I have still pictures that I'm adding as clips (sort of like in a presentation display). They have default of 5 seconds display that I can change as I like in the timeline. So, are there limits on file type and property? I prefer tga files bit depth of 32 bits/pixel, and vr/hr of 360 dpi. Of course the pixel resolution is the same as the video format of 720 X 480 for NTSC DVD and 1920 X 1080 for NTSC HD for Blu-ray. Anyone have any knowledge that I can use for including these images within my video?

Assuming you have still picture material in your preferred format, did you try to use it within Kdenlive? If not, please do, this should answer your question.

I did try using a jpg file with bit depth of 32 bits/pixel, and vr/hr of 360 dpi and pixel resolution 720 X 480 for NTSC DVD but got some kind of error while rendering. So I thought I'd confirm here before degrading my images.

Are you sure this is an error due to your images? Does rendering a video file work with the same render settings?

I don't quite understand the query you seem to have about quality, easiest way to see if tga is acceptable is to try importing them and 32bit per pixel is just typical millions of colors, in fact unless you need the alpha channel then there is no difference ti 24bit per pixel. So there would be no loss using png as alternative to tga.

Except as soon as you encode your images will be degraded by chroma subsampling to 4:1:1 for NTSC or 4:2:0 for PAL.

Sorry if I misunderstand here.

Thanks yellow. Actually you've helped me a lot.