file_hash type.

Hello, i'm looking inside kdenlive xml because i am looking about the possibility to convert the kdenlive xml (mlt 2 kdenlive, kdenlive 2 ardour...).

When i add one clip into the clip folder, there is a new line in the kdenlive project:
kdenlive_producer ....file_hash="f89a1aeb44f9076fe6e49d26cc8338ac"....

It is an md5 number generate by QCryptographicHash in kdenlivesettings.h line 847:

fileHash = QCryptographicHash::hash(fileData, QCryptographicHash::Md5);

But when i did an md5sum on my clip it wasn't the same number : ff1aa1de93191cdeb99389fea2a72e70

When i import this clip to another project i have still the same number: f89a1aeb44f9076fe6e49d26cc8338ac

How can i get the number wich is generated by kdenlive.