Filestructures: I'll show you mine if...

I was wondering if a bunch of people would like to show an en example of a finished video projects file stucture using screen capture? I am trying to get my head arround how to sucsessfully manage all my files - I don't have a finished project to show yet, but would love to see what other people's look like. Anyone out there who is really proud of their methods?



Well, folder&file structures are probably even more personal than program code formatting&identation rules. What I'm now migrating to on the basis of roughly one year of working with dive video footage is as follows... your mileage may vary, depending on your needs.

~/Video -- my parent folder holding everything related to my video works. Only one place to find all my video material raw+cooked+rendered, as well as my project files.

~/Video/Raw -- the raw diving video footage as it comes from my GoPro HD Heros diving cams. Sometimes this includes also additional cooked material, for instance material created through the fine SlowMoVideo tool from my raw video material. Below this folder, I usually organize by year first, then by project/location/etc, for instance:
~/Video/Raw/2012/2012 Murner See - Leben -- this folder then contains the .mp4 files as created by my diving cam.

My reason for keeping video footage separate from the kdenlive projects is that in some cases I either reused some good footage or combined footage from several footage folders with a single kdenlive project.

~/Video/kdenlive -- contains the individual project directories. For instance:
~/Video/kdenlive/2012/2012 Murner See - Leben -- similar to the raw video footage folder, but this time holding my kdenlive project as well as all auxiliary files, such as music and images (icons, emblems, and so on).

The reason I'm not keeping auxiliary files separate is that this is usally really per-project highly specific stuff, so there is no reuse. And there are not enough files to justify separate subfolders, because I'm lazy.

~/Video/TheDiveO -- final rendered footage for distribution and archiving. I'm also organizing now by year, but this depends on the amount of projects you are doing over time.

Don't know whether this is something I should be proud of -- to be honest, I don't care. This organizational structure has developped over time as I worked on several kdenlive projects and raw material and projects grew and grew. It somehow fits my purpose, and that's it.