Finally A Great Application !!! The Work Shows Fruit

I can finally work with video editing on Kdenlive! The latest version using Kubuntu 12.04 is merging video files together perfectly, without audio sync problems which stopped me using this application in the past. I was using Avidemux but had to manually listen and set sync which was a nightmare at time to get correct.

I've have zero crashes so far, which was a major problem with older versions too.

The only issues I've had are:
* Connecting FLVs and their audio sync is incorrect in most cases. Usually I'm editing MPEG from DTB, so this isn't a major problem for me.
* Can't find any subtitle effect. Would be nice for those that want to hard code or text type subtitles based on time lines
* h264 codec profile has a massive value for bitrate. Should be around 1000 to 1500 for most conversion, but it is 12000.
* Would be nice if capture section allowed PulseAudio channels, since ALSA and /dev's are too unfriendly to use.
* Would be nice if the base project had an option to auto adjust its dimensions to suit the imported video, other words rather then set the project resolution/dimension, it is set by the largest video imported, or typed in by user at render time. Currently I have 720p with 29fps as my base, but would like more flexibility.

Many Thanks to developers !!!!

Out of 10 I give Kdenlive a 8.5. I would like to give it a 9 but that would block room for improvements.

Sounds great! Welcome to the forums!