[Fixed] in rendering, the PIP values is double (size and position)


I add image on video (PIP) with compsition transition.
I change the size and the position. On the preview, all is good, but on rendering, the image is double and the position is also on double.
If I change size from 50% to 25% and position from 800 to 400, all is good.

You can tell me to change all my setting, but it will be boring isn't it?

do you have an idea on a solution?

Thanks for all, regards


What version of kdenlive? Sounds like a bug

The version of kdenlive is 0.9.2 under fedora 17 with mlt 0.7.8

You could try the development version which is

kdenlive 0.9.3
mlt 0.8.7

There are a lot of bug fixes in these.



I have installed kdenlive 0.9.3 and mlt 0.8.7 ==> All is good.
I have no bug at the end of mlt rendering and all image is in a good size and position.

And it is faster to load a project. This version is top…

Thanks a lot.