floating timecode display ?


I would like to suggest again ;) some kind of a floating timecode display which follows the cursor during playback:

Good idea or useless ?
Is there any chance to have this in 0.5x ?

Currently in version 0.5 there is a timecode display on the bottom right of the monitor. The big advantage is that you can type a time in it to go to a wanted time of your clip. I don't really see the advantages of your proposal...




well, the timecode display, where I can type in a timecode to go to it, is indeed a good feature, but I would prefer to have it as a shortcut option, since I need it not frequently.
Originally my suggestion was meant as a replacement for the onscreen timecode which is shown in the upper left corner, when enabled. The advantage I could see is the visual connection between the onscreen timecode and the cursor - so the user has to turn attention only at one area whereas actually there are two areas ... anyway, no important thing - just a thought ...