Forum section in german possible?


english is not my native speech, and i'm hoping, more german talking people are here, or coming, when someone talking german here too.
So i want to aks, if it is possible to open a german section. It would be easier for all of those, they have problems to ask what they want and don't known in english.

I think, my english wrtiting is crappy too. So i would be happy if it comes. ;o)

No one complained about your English so far, TiKaey. Although I am also a native German speaker I find the only reason "it would be easier" is not enough. The more questions you ask, the better your English will be in future.

On the other hand, we already have a French subforum which is quite lively. Before opening localized sections for this forum (there will be more languages to be taken into account, Spanish for example) we should know if the Kdenlive community is big enough to solve any problem locally. Hmm... OK, the English forum will always be something like a "master" with the highest number of questions and solutions.

Sometimes there are questions in the english part, that i like to answer (when i know the answer ;o)) but i can't, because, there are somtimes words and names of functions or whatever, that i don't know and i can't explain it. In that cases, the normal reaction ist not to answer, and just hoping, another one do it.
And sometimes same problems when i've got a question.
Yes, more speaking english follows better english. But, for that, i think, it is not enough.

I think it was interesting to know, how many german speakers are in here.

However... it was just an idea, me looking and wait for it. If it is not comming, it's okay for me too. When it comming, i'm happy. :o)

I'm speaking German as well :)
We might migrate to the kde forums in near future, where localized forums would be possible (afaik).
I know your situation, but it really helps to try nevertheless, look up some words etc., and at some point it works pretty well :)