Hi there,

I've been trying to figure this out but it doesn't seem to be possible. I'd like to export my kdenlive project into a "dummy" file from which I could open in avidemux or use it as the stdin for mencoder, for instance.

Is there any workaround?



Does this help?:

Just 'render' the project, at which time you have some control...and
the 'project' then gets merged all into one file. So, just choose a
format close enough to what 'avi-demux' (or whatever) needs.

Or, add an extra step, and use the underlying 'ffmpeg' tool to convert
the rendered file into whatever other format is needed.


You can play the .kdenlive project file through inigo's command line player. Using the following command will render your video to stdout:

inigo my_project.kdenlive -consumer avformat

You should then append some avformat parameters, to say which codec, size, etc should be used to render the movie

For example, for a pal sized mpeg movie:

inigo my_project.kdenlive -consumer avformat format=mpeg video_rc_min_rate=0 video_bit_rate=12000000 audio_bit_rate=384000 frequency=48000 size=720x576 progressive=1

Those commands seem to output MPEG. How do we get raw uncompressed video and audio? That's what a frameserver is.

Also, inigo doesn't read Kdenlive projects *correctly*. After my first clip, it inserts a bunch of black before starting the next one. There is no such delay in my project.