frei0r-plugins broken packeges HELP???

So, I just upgraded to Jaunty last night, and today I am trying to upgrade Kdenlive to the latest version.

It was going well until I was almost finished and I got this error:

You have 1 broken package on your system!

Use the "Broken" filter to locate it.

So I went to synaptic, looked at the broken packages and there is one.

I checked it for re-instalation, and it starts then I get this error:

E: /var/cache/apt/archives/frei0r-plugins_1.1.22git20090409+repack-0ubuntu1_i386.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/frei0r-1/', which is also in package frei0r


I looked in /usr/lib for the frei0r-1 folder, and it is not there, I had already deleted it but I still get the errors.

It is really bothering me. Kdenlive works even with the error, but with the broken package it makes management of the system difficult.

From the message, it looks like you must remove the package called frei0r and then you should be able to install frei0r-plugins...

When I go to synaptic, and remove the broken package, I have to reinstall kdenlive. When I do, I get the same messages.

I have tried to manually delete all the old frei0r files by deleting the folder, but it doesnt seem to help at all....

Still get the same error message.

So how can I be getting the error message that it is located in "/usr/lib/frei0r-1/" if the folder "frei0r-1" does not exist in "usr"???