French Fire and Rescue headquarters Film presentation / with English sub

I spent more than 20 hours, to shoot and edit this projet.
Video there:

Many people help me to made this video possible, thanks to all of them.
This video show, how technically a French fire department treat incoming emergency calls

Streaming working only with WEBM format / Mkv also available
Video Creative Commons

Nnice and clean. Just the player on the page did not work very well. Almost without buffer?

Maybe the problem from the video server, the speed may be different in different countries.
the webm video buffer is 3200k, 800k for the bitrate.

tomtoom, impressive film! Nice colors and filming.

There are no problems with playing on the site, though "Full screen mode" is not true full-screen.

I think titles with names could be placed on lower third part of the frame on custom background, below or right on the chest, and letters could be smaller, for example:

one with rough edge:
one without rough edge:

(Click on thumbnails to preview in full size)

This would make titles more readable and titles would stand out.

I noticed some problems with pull-down on some moments.

Wish you success!


You right about the names, your exemples are really explicit.
I'll take your idear for my next movie ;-)