Games for Linux Videos

I've done some videos about games for linux and named it "Games for Linux". :-) Don't know if this is good or not. Anyway, here they are:

Secret Maryo Chronicles:

Unknown Horizons:

World of Goo:

Excellent videos! How'd you capture the audio from the games?

I'm using "glc", that is something like yukon or whatever is out there, but it captures video and audio at the same time (but that costs some fps).

Their website:

And it produces ~ 0.5 - 1GB/min. :-)

New video: VDrift

And I don't know why, because youtube thinks, I have some copyright(-b*******) in my video (I can't think of one), this video may be blocked in your country. I don't know why youtube thinks it, I only have selfrecorded ingame-footage and one cc-by-sa music in it, but...

If someone knows, how I can get rid of this, please let me know.

Youtube says "rumblefish" and "audio-content". I don't have a clue, what they mean by that.

Also, if someone can actually drift in this game, please respond via youtube (if they let you).

New video: ASCIIpOrtal

Maybe I should note that I'm doing these gaming videos about once a month. So if you're interested, they are all in here:

The newest 2 are SuperTuxKart and SuperTux 3D.