General questions regarding tech specs for a feature film

Hello!, i´m wondering if the tech specs (i look all over the place but i couldnt find it) include:

1) 4k video editing?
2) 16bit color depth?
3) is 3Dstereo editing available somewhere?
4) is it possible to edit for 5.1 channels on audio?
5) .tiff, .png or .jpeg image sequence import is available?
6) .xcf import?
7) there is an emboss effect? (this is useful to edit 3D stereo without the use of glasses, is to see the depth of the 3Dscreen)

i´m still going to try it, once i install ubuntu again, but can anyone answer me these questions, to know for a fact what is possible and what is not possible with the new release?

well, at the moment the answers to 1,2,3,4,6 and 7 are a no

i end up using cinelerra cv though, because i can use 4k and 6 channels at 96khz wich is good enough