General transform for tracks/clips and animation system

Hello, I just want to init a discussion about the 2 things mentioned in subject :

General transform -
I really lack this feature in Kdenlive, This is- take any track and scale, rotate and move it by will, and be able to key the motion(in point 2).
Example use is zooming and panning around big images. Currently if you import an image and want to pan around it, there's a pan effect, but it allready works with the heavily reduced image. So this also has to do with resizing clips on input - If they are automatically reduced, it could happen through such a general transform system. Then if you would zoom in, there would still be the original image resolution. I guess there already is some good transform code, since the clips get scaled automagically.

2nd theme is animation system:
Currently, animation is dependent on predefined transitions or effects. It would be great to have a general animation system to animate anything. Dunno if that's planned.
I work alot with blender too, and I know they have now a new generic animation system, maybe some of their code could be used as backend? I mean key and curve editing. It would be great if effects and transitions could get plugged to such animation system...

Sorry if this was allready discussed alot or requested or is on TODO.

I think this is the same wish as this issue covers: