Getting Around Terminal For Installation

Nothing seems to be working when I try to install kdenlive with Terminal. When I look at the INSTALL file in the 0.8 version of Kdenlive it states the following:

Kdenlive Installation Instrucions
To compile and install, go in the source directory and type:

mkdir build;cd build
cmake ..
(If you want to install in a different path, use instead:
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/install/path)

To install, become root:

sudo make install
(enter root password at prompt)

Once installed, you can start Kdenlive by typing "kdenlive".

Note that you should also install MLT to do anything useful with Kdenlive. See
the README file for details.


I've installed Xcode and Mac Ports to my computer but when I type cmake .. it replies "command not found" other commands I try will say "no such job".

Is there a step by step command line for OSX.5 online that I could follow without running into any difficulties?