Git tagging enhancement request

Currently there is only a single git tag of 0.9 for all 0.9.x releases.

Request each release have it's own tag as in...

0.9.2 for current release.

0.9.3b for pre/beta of 0.9.3 and then 0.9.3 when it releases.

This makes pulling a certain release very easy.

- David

That was just forgotten, jbm tagged 0.9.2 in the meantime. Thanks for pointing it out!
0.9.3 will however not be released. The next bugfix release of the 0.9 series will be 0.9.4. The odds mark development versions.


for easy package building automation it could be usefull the KDENLIVE_VERSION in CMakelists.txt report the current state of development 0.9.x

At this moment it's struck to 0.9


Thanks guys.

Now that the release is tagged I'll take a shot at updating the MacPorts package from 0.8 to 0.9 (shudder...)