Good times of Social media will end?

When Nasdaq-listed of Facebook is in full swing, when the public is still lay stunned for the big acquisitions of Facebook, a important decision from GM, may let people those who still like in the dream back to reality. Recently, the Wall Street journal reporter Dennis report through Twitter, " GM has pulled $10 million advertising activity from Facebook, why, because the effect of advertising not beautiful." However, the latest news from Wall Street journal shows, GM will still continue to use free medium of Facebook to promote their brands. 10 million dollars is the whole advertising budget of GM on Facebook.

To GM, it must be a difficult decision. Think at the beginning, those advertisers who have tasted the sweetness of the new media, bold to open a new chapter, estimates that a lot of people would envy such a web site like facebook-a new age means a new model, a platform from a group of young people, get the affirmation and extremely generous returns at the beginning.

As is known to all, GM is the third largest advertiser. And as the first big customer reduce spending from Facebook, can imagine how much psychological blow to Facebook. According to the Wall Street journal revealed that the general motors began to evaluate the Facebook strategy earlier this year, at the time, the marketing team were beginning to question whether the effect of the company advertising on Facebook. And, according to the people familiar with general motors, Marketing management personnel, including Ewanick, hold meetings with Facebook management, to discuss and solve the problem above.

Interestingly, the report came before Facebook IPO on Friday, the report more or less will produce some adverse impact to Facebook IPO. However, someone shout, will the Facebook myth burst?

When advertisers are more and more rational, when customers realize in this 'content is king, topic is the king' times, if their topic have enough highlight, means that can be less input get more income. whether the "awakening" of the customer mean the beginning of the disaster of social media? Admittedly, no matter the decision of GM is to stop display ads, but not completely cancelled cooperation with Facebook, this to social media, would be a topic to think about.

In the era of 'content is the king', if who is supid and play a "rich stupid people" role, consumers will not go to foot the bills. Instead, those marketing topic which can stimulate the public excitement, more immediatly. the "awakening" of GM, to be the awakening of all the marketing, right!

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