Green Screen / Chroma Keying

I have a lot of resources at my disposal at SAE.

One of them being a large green screen studio.

I have access to Sony Z1P (SD DV, and 1080i HDV) cameras and Panasonic P2 cameras (720p, and 1080i, think it may do 1080p, not sure though.. havent used these ones yet)

I can do a wet lit green screen shoot and upload the source footage somewhere to my domain for you guys if it might be of benefit.

Also, any particular footage that would be appreciated?

I can also provide Final Cut Pro project file of a few simple cuts of footage and an exported XML edit list file from FCP, so one of you guys can maybe hack the file format for migration and basic import, and in the future, when some more effects are implemented and finely polished, I can help map FCP effects to ones in kdenlive in the future :)

Anything you guys particularly want?

If you are interessted in doing a repository of test footage (typically 10 seconds clip) in various formats, I think at least jmpoure would be very happy. We could use this for testing purposes. Inclusive some green screen clips. (Please note this issue though:


I am thinking a general repo, where people could upload clips, and "someone" made sure that we had metadata on the clips (format, source, stuff like that).

Please post to the devel list if you would like to build a repository with test clips. That would be very nice in a number of situations.