group clips/effects

How do I select and group clips, effects and transitions across several tracks so that I can move them all together?

So far I have to move them one at a time, which means carefully re-adjusting transitions etc each time.

I can't seem to select multiple clips from the timeline menu. There isn't much in the docs about it that I was able to find.

Please excuse me if it's obvious.

Select mulitple is LMB & then LMB+ctrl for each clip there after.

SHIFT + LMB drag left windowed selection.

ctrl+G to group selection.

Copying effects. Select clip that has effect on it, RMB menu 'copy', select clip to add effect to. RMB menu 'paste effect'.

If you're using latest builds with the new effect stack, then you can save effects with a name from the stack (to xml files) that will appear in the effects list under Custom and can group effects too.

Thanks yellow....

As I thought.. .obvious once you do it. Shift/LMB/drag creates a little box around the clips/effects being selected. For some reason I thought I had tried that but obviously didn't try hard enough.