Group LADSPA effects in menu

Hello. The effect menu for audio effects is full of LADSPA effects (at least for me), and it fills up the whole screen and even so, only a small portion off all available effects are shown.

Maybe group them somehow, something like Ardour does, grouping them by category or by creator. Or something simple like creating menu entries from the first letter of the effect; 0-9, A-Z and grouping by them. Actually I have some code already written in QT which does this kind of simple menu, maybe that could be used. I briefly browsed the git repo, but didn't find the code responsible for creating the menus. Could you guys give some pointers where to look?

Hey, thanks for your efforts! However the issue is already somehow fixed in the latest development version by grouping them according to letters.
Here is the relevant commit:

Of course grouping by category would be nicer, but I don't think we currently receive the necessary information...

Ok, good to hear. I think it is enough, but if anyone is interested, /usr/share/ladspa/rdf/ladspa.rdfs may contain the necessary information.