Guides and Markers

Hi All,

7.5 on KDE 4.2.96 (Kubuntu JJ 9.04)

First, my compliments to the developers - this product is fantastic!

Second, some questions about Guides and Markers (I've watched the video tutorial):

1. When I add a marker, the time shown in the dialog does not match that of the cursor; if I type the correct time, the marker symbol does not appear in the timeline.
2. When I select Monitor->GoTo in the menu, there is no "Markers" item in the submenu, only "Clip Start", "Clip End", etc.
3. Can a marker be used as a "Chapter Title" of the final movie? If not, how do I split the movie in chapters?

1. When I add a guide, it is applied to all tracks. Is it possible to add guides "per track", like markers?
2. Is it possible to "fix" the guide to the clip, and not to the position on the timeline?

Thanks and keep up the extraordinay work!

S. Paulo - Brazil


Settings->Configure->Display->[x] Display Clip Markers Comments

Newbie mistake...

S. Paulo - Brazil