H.264, mp4, xivd not function in Kdenlive 0.9 on ubuntu 12.10

Hi guys

I have one problem, my kdenlive don't export in some formats like, h.264, mp4, xivd
and show me one alert said-me "codec no suported" (in portuguese) I don't know how I need install, yesterday I install all plugins in Ubuntu 12.10, and nothing...
Somebody help me???

today I looking for here in the forum, but don't see nothing about this
(If have some post in somewhere, I'm sorry, but I don't see)



This is how i would fix it.

When you select output format like h.264 it tells you something is missing in a yellow circle. all you need to do is find that missing Codec in Synaptic and install it

if you do not have it you can install it in terminal with this command
sudo apt-get install synaptic


from software center search Synaptic

You may need to make sure Universe & Multiuniverse repos are ticked in your sources choices, this is accessible via Synaptic and probably need to install avcodec extras library.

Then rerun kdenlives config to see the list of codecs available.

Thanks for the help guys!!!

But still not function...

I have several trouble with "pcm_s16le"
(don't show me this in synaptic)

formats like "mpeg-2, xivid, h.264" don't show me profile in the left box

"I think it is the fault of new buntu 12.10, they one shit..."

Could you please check the package installation thread for 12.04 in this forum, just check my postings. I had similar problems and had to install some extra package versions that won't get pulled in. There's also a discussion there about kdenliverc not getting the required codec entries.