Hardware : Advice for suitable laptop ?


I'm about to buy a new laptop, whose main usage will be editing with kdenlive.
Would you have any advice, considering that my only constraint is that it will run under Ubuntu?


It certainly depends a lot on other criteria which would be the best laptop for you, but to give you one example:

I bought an Asus UX32VD, exchanged the built-in 512GB HDD with a 512GB SSD (using the HDD now as an external backup drive, instead), and I increased the RAM to 10GB. I use this laptop to create videos while travelling, and I am very happy with it, because:

- it's small / flat / light-weight
- it has a wonderful 1920x1080 non-glare IPS panel
- it has enough CPU power (Core i7) to provide a decent working speed
- it has enough RAM to actually render a 30 minute 1080p video at once - "melt" uses up ~ 8 GB of RAM while doing so(!)
- the HDD, RAM and battery can be changed by the owner (provided you can use a screwdriver properly)
- it resumes from suspend-to-RAM in - runs very well under Linux

@karl : thanks for the precise advice