Hardware requirements for not stuttering dv editing?


can anyone tell me what the minimum requirements are for editing dv, using Kdenlive's realtime f/x, without having it stutter (i.e. with it running smoothly)? I am considering buying a new laptop and I would take Kdenlive's hardware requirements into consideration when choosing it.

Especially, I would like to know whether any graphics card would do (Intel GMA or so), or whether Kdenlive uses any special Nvidia or so graphics features. Many thanks in advance for your answer.

Any laptop with an AMD bi-core processor, Nvidia graphical card, firewire, SATA hard drive will make it.

For example (sorry, in French) :

http://www.materiel.net/ctl/PC_Portable ... G16Mi.html

:arrow: AMD Turion™ 64 X2
:arrow: 2Gb memory
:arrow: 160Gb SATA drive
:arrow: nVidia® nForce® 630M
:arrow: Firewire
744,90 €

The advantage of Nvidia is that it well supported and maintained, on nearly every distribution.
Choose SATA drive otherwise your laptop will be slow.
You may be interested in finding a laptop with a larger screen AND a digital video out.

This is basically my environment and I am happy with it.

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Does Kdenlive need special Nvidia Features, or would e.g. a ATI Mobility Radeon X1350 do, too? (Provided that it is well supported and maintained on the distribution used.)