Having two videos at same time

Hi !

Here is my problem. I have a friend of mine who is playing (quite well) the guitar. He made some videos on Youtube of himself. As I play (quite bad) the piano, I'd like to record me, and to make a new video with the two videos "concatenated", like this :

|     |     |
| Him |  Me |
|     |     |

Is it possible with Kdenlive ? I just found effects which apply on only one video.

Thank you for helping me.



Certainly. I do picture in picture all the time and split screen is basically the same idea. You just overlap the two videos on different tracks. Add a 'composite' transition to make sure the two tracks both appear. Then apply the 'pan and zoom' effect and perhaps the crop effect to each clip to resize and crop and position the images on the screen. It's very flexible.

I think these effects can even be keyframed to have the two images move or grow etc. I haven't really tried that but for instance the pan zoom has a keyframe button in the effect stack window.

Ok, I'll try this, thank you very much !