HD Slideshow of pictures with transitions, "Ken Burns FX" & original music

Hi everybody,
after about one year and a half using Kdenlive I've started unleashing my "creativity" (...) and I would like to share with you my last work (my very first attempt to create a good slideshow of pictures).
I also composed, played and recorded the music for it with Rosegarden.
I hope you'll like it.
For all the people involved in the developement of Kdenlive: it's getting better and better, I think you're moving (very fast) in the right direction, thumbs up!


Other 2 videos I did with Kdenlive a few days ago (just an attempt tu use FX and Chroma Key):



Thanks for watching!
Ignazio Carbone (Italy)

Can you explain please how you created "Zaiana Beach (Peschici - Italy) Slideshow"

sorry for the long delay and thanks for watching.
I didn't explain how I made it because there are great tutorial about the use of "composite" transition/pan/zoom here and on YouTube yet.
I took some pictures shot with a Canon Reflex by a friend of mine and then I resized/cutted them with The Gimp to achieve the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.
The (maybe) really interesting part of this work is the "workaround" I used to have both composite and transitions between images - the problem is that, due to the fact that "composite" is included with transitions, you can't have, let's say, "composite" and "dissolve" toghether.
So, I try to make it simple: I putted all the pictures on THE SECOND video track with no space between them. I applied composite ALL ALONG THE BOTTOM OF EVERY PICTURE and manually edited every single composite effect to have zoom and pan.
ON THE FIRST TRACK I putted black clips just between every picture, so, having "composite" only on the bottom of the pictures allowed me to apply the "dissolve" transition in this fashion:
First-image-on-second-video-track-with-composite-on-the-bottom --> black-clip-on first-video-track --> second-image-on-second-video-track-with-composite-on-the-bottom --> and so on...
So, basically, the real transition effect is "fade-in-from-black" and "fade-out-to-black". I had this "idea" after seeing the automatic slideshow w/Ken Burns FX option in Digikam, I liked it a lot and eventually it turned out to be a nice solution to achieve what I wanted.
If you are interested in the music part I'll be glad to explain it too.
I'm sorry for my English,
hope it is clear,

I forgot to say where I applied the "dissolve" transition: between the image and the black clip immediately after and between the black clip and the picture immediately after and so on.