HDV Editing

I noticed that the HDV Editing page


seems to be somewhat outdated, since lines 141 & 142 of kdenlive.cpp are already uncommented (and have shifted position slightly). Can anyone comment on whether the MLT patch and recompile are still needed, and the current status of HDV editing?

Right, the patch is outdated and is not usable with current Kdenlive and MLT versions.
MLT still does not handle HDV rendering.
What you can do is create a 16:9 project, add your hdv files and do the editing. Internally, all frames will be converted to dv resolution so you cannot really export to HDV.
But when MLT will have real HDV support, you will be able to use your existing Kdenlive project file and just say that you want to have it rendrered with HDV resolution.

I am myself working on an HDV project with Kdenlive that needs has to be finished in september, so if nobody else implements HDV support in MLT before, I will probably provide patches after this summer.


Thanks for the reply JB, keep up the good work.

This issue of HD capabilities was raised in a Ubuntu forum thread so I will link a reply back here.


P.S. How radically different would the updated patch be from the current one? Perhaps it is something I could work on, and forward to you. C++ is not a problem for me, but I am a relative vidiot, so you would undoubtedly need to look it over.

I submitted my HDV MLT patch to the MLT-devel mailing list a few monthes ago, and from what I understood, the developers wanted to think about a more clever way to implement it, making it easier to integrate several different profiles in MLT. If you want to help, you could ask on the MLT mailing list to know if someone is currently working on it or has an idea of the best way to do the job.


I will be working on it in MLT after the next release, which is just pending confirmation of recent bug fix.