Hello, Thanks, and a question about changing project setting

My name is Dave, I live in Tokyo, and I've been searching for a long time for half decent video editing on Linux.

I'm really impressed so far with Kdenlive, as it is the first video editor that has been stable, intuitive, and able to handle a large enough variety of video formats. I hope to be able to contribute to the community, and see Kdenlive get better and better. Thank you to all the developers and contributers who put their hard work into Kdenlive.

Now my question.

When I was first experimenting with Kdenlive, I made a project, added clips, and rendered a time line. Then, I realized that the project settings were in PAL format and pixel size, whereas the video I'm working with is NTSC, and what I want to end up with is also NTSC.

I went to Project->Configure Project, selected NTSC, and then hit "Apply" and "OK". But, the text on the bottom right of the interface still shows the project as being "PAL 720X576 25fps".

I then tried starting a new project, and right from the beginning set the project to NTSC, but it still doesn't take effect.

Is there some additional setting I need to do to get this to work?

Just so I'm clear, my input format is from my Sony HDD camera, which is in MPEG format, NTSC, 720X480, 25fps. And I want to output it at pretty much the same settings. So basically I just want to know how to get my project to conform to those settings.

Thank you for any advice.

Just thought I'd play the role of the squeaky wheel.

Can anyone even confirm if this problem exists for them, or is it just me that experiences it?

i noticed that when i have it set to PAL (which is my footy) isplays faster then it should and when I set it to NTSC it plays normaly...

I'm waiting for the release of Gusty so I can install it from a package and see if it'll work then...