Help on the basics

I'm new to the whole video editing thing and need a nudge to get started.

I have about 30 minutes of raw video in wmv format. Out of the 30 minutes, there may be 5 or 10 minutes I'd like to hack out and splice back together.

I've been to the wiki, searched here, googled, and played with various commands, and googled...I have no clue how to mark out a segment of the raw wmv file, then suck that out into some kind of scratch pad zone where I can add in other mini segments from other parts of the file.

I suspect I'm having a 'language' problem and just don't recognize what the commands do.

Any tips or pointers to tutorials that will help (none of those in the wiki help), I'd be most grateful.



Hi Doug,


I've been using the 0.7 version for a while, so my apologies if any of my instructions don't fit the version you're using. Anyway, caveat aside, if you drag the video onto the timeline, you can then split it with the scissors / razor tool. When you have it split into the bits you want and the bits you don't want, you can just select the parts you don't want by clicking on them and then pushing Delete.

For more precise control over where the clip begins and ends, then in the clip monitor window you can use the [ button to choose where it begins, and the ] button to choose where it ends. You can also drag the clip around in the timeline to position it.


That was perfect! I need to do this on a faster machine, but now I see how it works - Thanks!