Help: how to configure frei0r-plugins from GIT

Dear friends,

I am trying to upgrade MacPorts frei0r packages.
I switch to GIT.

Frei0r address is:
git clone git://

The problem is that GIT is broken and does not work.
Do you know who is Frei0r developper?
There is no mailing list any longer and Frei0r seems to be dead project.

Any idea how to generate a working ./configure script from GIT?

Kind regards,

There is apparently a shell script called that invokes GNU autotools ...

Hope this helps

Running does not work, at least for me.

Oops, I read your initial post too quickly and did no saw you give a try ...

This script does actually the job (well, on Linux) provided you have the autotools (aclocal, autoheader, autoconf ...).
Are these tools available on your machine too ?

Okay, this works fine under GNU/Linux. Under Mac OS X, libtoolize is replaced with glibtoolize. I have to check this.