Help needed for compilation [solved]

Dear Friends,

I reinstalled my Debian SID AMD64 station from scratch on a RAID5 disc system.
I dumped the list of Debian packages and resintalled my station without modification. ;)

But ... now I cannot bootstrap and ./configure Kdenlive.
This is driving me crazy.

Could anyone help me?
The bug is here in mantis:

Kind regards,

I downgraded to Debian testing libc6 and libc6-dev:
apt-get install libc6/testing libc6-dev/testing

Works now.
Seems like Debian SID libc6 does not like Kdenlive ./configure script.

Sorry for the mess. In fact, mlt++ was not installed.
I am kind of stupid.

IMHO we need more frequent maintenance releases of MLT/Kdenlive ...

Yeah, maintenance releases would be superb, especially since kdenlive is still kinda buggy (naturally).