help is needed for the "razor tool" icon!!!!!!!!

Hi people out there kdenlive need your help!!!! ;)

The "razor tool" icon still don't looks good .
So please spend just some free time to think about how it could looks like and send your ideas to this or the icon posting.
Any ideas are welcome!!!!!!!

Don't know if this idea is still active :-) But I would suggest renaming the "razor" tool to "add edit point". The idea of using a razor to make any changes in the timeline is actually not needed at all. It adds to many steps. Here is how a segment in the timeline should be removed:

Add inpoint at beginning of segment, add outpoint at end. Press X to delete and close the gap, press Z to delete and leave gap open. In the last case, the in and out points should not be cleared. This way the timeline is ready for a replacement if so decided.

BTW - the icon for add edit on MediaComposer is >|

Perhaps it's unnecessary when removing part of a clip but I find myself using a razor tool in many other circumstances.
Splitting a clip in two, slide the later part and add i clip inbetween for instance. How would I do that with just inpoints?

Very easy. I have been editing on MediaComposer for many years and there is no such thing as a razor there. The razor was a strange thing that Adobe added in Premiere and a lot of people have become used to it in lack of better tools.

First of all, dragging a clip to the timeline should never be allowed :-) It is slow, unprecise and if you work on a big project (or a lot of small ones) it can give you carpal tunnel syndrome VERY fast.

There should be two main ways of adding a clip to the timeline. Splice-in and overwrite.


Park the play marker in the timeline where you want the new clip to start.
Load a new clip in the source viewer.
Mark in and out.
Press the splice-in button.
The clip should start where the play marker is and push the rest of the video to the right

Overwrite would work in the same manner, but instead of pushing the video to the right, it would just overwrite it.

Something analog to this would be pasting a piece of text in the middle of the sentence in a word processor. You do not need to split it. Just place the marker, and paste it in. The rest of the text will be pushed to the right.

This avoids a lot of clicking and when you have to do this a lot, you appreciate every single click that can be eliminated.

BTW - Splice-in should be on V and overwrite should be on B if I could choose :-D

Dragging should be allowed because it is what a lot of people expect. But I definitely agree that there should be other means.

I think that the current razor tool is fine as is, but again welcome additional cutting tools.
I agree the razor tool does not look good because it is scissors and not a razor. :-)

> Dragging should be allowed because it is what a lot of people expect. But I definitely agree that there should be other mean

Sorry, did not mean to imply that it should be removed from Kdenlive :-) Just that the users should be encouraged to use the keyboard as much as possible. Carpal tunnel is not a good thing... I know people that has had to change to different work because of that.