Help us with the best kdenlive keymap!

I'm sure that I'm not the only who likes to work with shortcuts. There are also requests for shortcuts in regular time intervals. So let's do something about this.

I have created maps with all shortcuts currently available in kdenlive. They look really empty. So let's fill it!

List of desireable shortcuts (for me):

  • Focus on timeline (if you are in a search box or so, you cannot type i or o because this will just write i or o instead of setting the in/out point)
  • Show project tree (pressing a single button is just faster than searching for it with the mouse)
  • Add guide g
  • Change to layout X (see gab3d’s comment here 7, 8, 9, 0
  • Add clip c
  • Add text clip t (and change t→ (dash) for toggle monitor)

Looking forward to your suggestions :)


Consider mantis and j-k-l as well (shortcut related topics).

There is a add guide (or Marker if the clip monitor is selected) quickly command linked to the ' * ' key on the numpad.
It adds the guide at the current position and uses the position as comment. This way it can be used during playback.

Thanks, did not see this before. Added to my map.

I would like to propose a different kind of shortcut system which you guys may know from emacs, gmail, etc. — combined shortcuts. The idea is that you can group shortcuts in a meaningful way. For example:

  • a-a for adding a clip
  • a-t for adding a text clip
  • a-c for adding a color clip
  • a-s for adding a slideshow clip
  • ...

a-t thereby means «press A and then press T». I've coded a little sample GUI illustrating this, you can take a look at it by downloading its source code and opening the .pro file with qtcreator, then press Ctrl-R to run it.


it may be useful, why not?

another methods that could be handy are this ones:
- double press a key to activate a function (like a double click, but on a key, with a certain timing).
- press and hold a key to temporarily activate a function (while it is pressed), then release to deactivate it and return to the normal state.