How achieve sharp screen grab for youtube?

Hi all,

I know this has been discussed before, but none of the tips I could find in this forum and elsewhere seem to solve my problem.


- Do a screen grab video in 1024x768 (for tutorials)
- render it to whatever format is most suitable for youtube
- upload to youtube
- achieved quality on youtube needs to show text in the recording crisp and clear


I do achieve perfectly sharp rendered output in e.g. ogv and WebM 10000k.


I achieve barely acceptable (far less than ideal) rendered output in MPEG4.


No matter what formats I render to or what project settings I try, after uploading to youtube the result as seen on youtube is always ridiculously blurry, text is nearly unreadable, and the whole video is completely unpresentable.

I have spent about a day trying to solve this now, trying many different approaches, looking through the forums here etc., to no avail.

I don't think this should be difficult, probably I am doing something wrong. Can anyone who is more enlightened than me pretty please help me get this sorted? Please?



surely this is you tubes fault. You say the video is fine when it leaves. It is just bad after youtube gets hold of it. Best bet is to use youtubes captioning technology.

What happens when you request your videos from youtube in HQ format?

So I just had a very similar problem just now to what you describe here. Except my video is blury before it gets to youtube. It goes blurry between being captured as a .webm format file using Kazam screencaster and being edited with Kdenlive

The captured video is good. It is not blurry and is a

On2 VP8
1280 x 1024
15 fps
pixel aspect ratio 1.0
ITU-R 709

but when I render it - it becomes blurry.

But I found a solution. Kdenlive complains that the project profile does not match the video and that it can not find a profile to match. I was rendering with the DV PAL profile.

But if I create a new profile to match the input video - then the rendered video is not blurry.

So you could try that.

Ok further news on this. I was frustrated recently when screen grabs I had made and that looked fine before uploading to youtube but were very blury when they arrived on youtube. But then I tried playing them back at 720p (HD) and magically the blurry goes away. So Mariku - definitely try playback at HQ.