How to add a banner

Dear Friends,

I have a real problem.

I interviewed Marc Touati, a French economist, and I would like to add a banner
telling "Meet Marc Touati on


This is a very simple need.

I created a banner in Gimp and exported it in PNG, JPEG and GIF formats.
When adding the file in Kdenlive, I clicked on "transparent" button.

My film is on track O.
I added the banner on track 1.
Both tracks are not merged.

How can I display a banner on bottom of my movie.
Any help is welcome ...

I am using today SVN versions of Kdenlive/MLT.

Kind regards,

Well it works for me. One thing is not very clear from your message:
On Kdenlive, upper tracks cover the tracks that are below them.
You need to place your banner image on a track above your video clip if you want to have transparency (see attached screenshot).


If this is not your problem, let me know if you disabled gtk2 module on MLT compilation, that might be needed for image transparency...
Please also note that your transparent image should in fact be a transparent image the size of a frame (720x576 for PAL) with your banner placed where you want it to appear.

Works for me. Thanks !