how to add a camcorder to the working list?

Hi I resently purchesed a sony cx130 and have tryed recording in the highest quality setting at 2 gig about 12 min of video the sony clips the video and starts a new file. after downloading three of sonys mts files to my hard drive using the built in usb I tryed to play the files using xine and kaffeine and thay ran but were slow and jumpy with poor to no sound in both players. opend kdenilve and added one of the sony mts files and a message showed up telling me the file is 1920x1088 at 59.96 fps and that there is no matching profile with kdenlive set to 1080p at 59.94 fps I added three sony mts files and put them on the timeline in sequance then rendered the file to mpg4. the resulting file plays fine on xine and kaffeine other than the sound being slightly out of sink.
KDENLIVE works to run 30 min hd 1080p stiched together from 2 gig sony mts files and plays back on xine and kaffeine.

I went on to test a short clip of each of the sony video settings including hm, hq, sp and lp and all will work with kdenlive. next I tryed a short clip made at the sonys highest video setting using blue screen with a jpg picture and composit which renderd fine. cant wait to get a green screen set up to shoot video footage using blue screen in kdenlive.

though the sony cx130 works with kdenlive there is no firewire to hook up so usb must be used to transfer video to your computer.
sony .mts files wont play properly untill rendered first in kdenlive then both xine and kaffeine work properly to play back your files. so without kdenlive the sony cx130/cx160 camcorders wont even play properly due to the sony .mts file type.

If you change the sony cx130 to standerd video the files are saved as .mpg files which will work right off the camcorder in xine and kafeine and have real good quality video and the sound is clear and in sink.

I would rate this camcorder as partly working under kdenlive.

can anyone tell me how to add this camcorder to the working list?