how to add a loop with small audio track from freesound

Hi all:

I'm new to kdenlive, and it looks promising software!
I was aiming to do my first project adding some short audio track from freesound. I wanted to add a loop to it so that a short track of 9 seconds can be repeated continuously for 20 minutes (as a kind of background music).

Is that possible?

So far, I've been copy pasting the same 9 second audio track several times, but I wondering whether there is a more efficient way to say so.

I do not think there is an automatic method at the moment.

Feel free to post a feature request at

Also, you may be able to avoid having to paste all this, if you construct a .westley file yourself. This maybe possibly using the inigo command line program. Exactly how to do it is sort of black magic to me though.