How to adjust auto mask in 'blur and hide'


I search if it is possible to modify keyframe after using auto mask. I remeber I can modify it in an older version.
And when I follow this method '' I can see the keyframe for the Title Clip but I don't find how to access it only for the blur effect.



Are you asking if you can adjust the keyframes in the tracking data created by "automask"?
Not sure if it really creates keyframes - not until you export the tracking data as described on the userbase page you linked to.
But maybe you could use that keyframe data in combination with the obscure effect and then edit the keyframes that you link to the obscure effect.
Unfortunately last time I checked the obscure effect had a bug (well it did for me). Reported it as No traction on this issue however. I would be intereted to know if others have the same issue that I have with the obscure effect.