How to apply a default transition schema automatically?

Hi all,

my timeline content looks like as follows per default:

I'm dragging all wanted clip zones from Clip Monitor to the timeline. Then I arrange all clips alternating between track 2 and 3 with an overlapping dissolve transition area of 10 frames. Track 1 is reserved for titling.

Is there any way to become these steps automated? Doing this for 50+ clips is a very nerving job. In the fact I'm able to cut and paste transitions, but I have to zoom and scroll permanently. Also I have to consider very careful that the reverse option of each transition is set correctly.
Copying all Clip Effects to all other clips is very easy, but arranging of all transitions precisely not.

Does anyone have a tip or will this become a new feature request?
How are you doing?


I have same problem.... still looking for a solution!

Thanks ttgui, but in this case transition is always of dissolve type. I would like that the transition is always "composition" with track 5, and I don't want to change each transition with 4 or 5 mouse click....

Changing what transition this shortcut adds might be a feature request I suspect. You could suggest it at mantis bug tracker